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The CTO of Golden State Foods, Guilda Javaheri, describes how Food Trust delivers new value by providing insights into the supply chain and helping to build consumer trust.

Blockchain Your Business Opportunities

Pain Points:

In modern society, complicated supply chain ecosystem probably triggers untracibility once an outbreak taken place since everything is written or printed on papers, being unable to efficiently connect the dots to the whole picture. That is to say, not all organizations can quickly track the origin of foodstuff.

To win the digital battle, the food industry has spent a lot of efforts to make progress, attempting to deal with data inadequacy and seeking to improve the efficiency and then performance accordingly. However, There are still several challenges lay ahead.

Moreover, traditional supply chain make companies retarded in progress. Most companies are unwilling to better up current paperwork even it is cumbersome and tedious, resulting in inefficiency, which take time to correct human errors and manage inventories.

Solution Introduction

Empowered to digitalize food system, the participants in NSECURED Hyperchain network can now trace the amount of food consumed as well as the food preserved more trustworthily. Blockchain mechanism grants digital records the features of decentralization and tamper-resistance, enabling accountability and transperany which in turn eliminates wastage.

Furthermore, The digitalization in a food supply chain with blockchain makes data permanent and searchable so that we can have immediate access to the records with trust . By applying NSECURED Hyperchain, relevant members on the platform can safely preserve, operate and reach data.

Additionally, the food path is lucidly traced and the status of products can simultaneously be updated on ledger and securely checked. Last but not the least, the sustainability can be achieved that registered members can enjoy the food journey efficiently with immutable certificates.


Provide reliable and affordable food since cost minimization is realized

Trace the origin of food and forecast real-time demands in seconds which allows traceability and instantaneity

Improve accountability and top-to-bottom transparency to gain assurance and increase the speed of transaction


With NSECURED Hyperchain for food chain, all the participants, from farmers to retailers, can benefit from better productivity and efficiency. Moreover, some leading-edge organizations are setting their standards of both quality and distribution than the ones in the market.

In this case, every authorized participants can verify food origin and quality by our applications which securely and simultaneously validate certificates and documents. Having entrance to such documents and data helps eliminate inefficiencies in the network that may result in food waste. NSECURED Hyperchain empowers users to trace the freshness omni-directionally, with real-time reminder in food condition. With simutaneous information sharing and tamper-proof records tracking among food chain players, the possibility of fraudulent food is reduced that blocks fraudsters to sabotage your supply chain, better administrating to inventory and distribution safety while improving quality standards.