NSECURED HyperChain for Government A bridge between citizens and government

The government utilizes the power of trust to have credit with citizen, by NSECURED HyperChain who builds an omni-directional platform for developing diversified applications.

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Pain Points:

Nothing really matters except to trust

Government’s information system is a highly regulated and controlled one, which should be well authenticated and authorized. Thus, the transparency and fairness of the system must be indispensable. Information asymmetry existed as well as the uncertainty become the main obstacles of policy promotion and on-going progress of the nation.

NSECURED HyperChain for government is then launched for wiping these pains away. By constructing a platform to make communication clear and smooth, the trust-deficit can be lessened accordingly. Getting everyone involved in the government development can tighten the relationship between citizens and the bureaus.


Trust is the best way to break through the walls between citizens and government

Trust, one of the fundamental factors in national development, is what NSECURED HyperChain can offer for both citizens and government. By storing the necessary activity log with the feature of data integrity, NSECURED HyperChain can provide the needed information that data owner authorized to related ones, e.g. the auditors, to retain the fairness and transparency.

Having the leverage by HyperChain, it has never been easier for data collection and on-chain records to keep integrity and immutability. This can be applied in anti-money laundering and air pollution control. Moreover, to integrate with current national Certificate Authority system, HyperChain enables updating validity of statue, and the ability to power up with health industry, contract management, intellectual property management, and other businesses with sensitive and confidential data.


Featured with data integrity and non-repudiation, HyperChain is a great help in eliminating the redundant legacy process to improve efficiency and achieve higher level of accuracy. Thus, government can save budget on numerous works of validating as well as humor errors correction. In other words, Better data utilization and resources allocation benefits both citizens and government.

The possible application could be pollution monitoring, identity verification, authorization and so forth.