Health Information Sharing System

Enhance the efficiency in healthcare industry



Health Information Sharing System is a system that provides an easy way for patients and authorized stakeholder to transfer health record from one to another. Additionally, the real-time authorization and record transferring mechanism improve the efficiency of the diagnosis.

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Pain Points:

Under current healthcare systems, healthcare data exchange is time-consuming and resource wasting since each healthcare entity holds its own healthcare data.

Imagine that you go to a hospital that you haven’t been before; your healthcare records need to travel from the one used-to to where you are now, passing through one department to another. In some cases, the annoying fill-out form repeatedly due to incomplete record collection can result in inefficiency.

There are some more disadvantages of the traditional data system

Risk of data breach or damage

Complicated authorization for data usage

Fragmented data sources

Manual record transfer processing

Fraud prone

Repeated process for downloading and uploading record

Solution Introduction

NSECURED can provide a blockchain solution to build an information-sharing system among medical institutions, like hospitals, clinics, healthcare providers, government, research institutions and etc.

Redefine the logic of trade procedure with partners

Digitized Health Records

Health records can be digitized and stored to boost data exchange with better document management.

The benefits can be draw by :

  • ‧ Easy document version maintenance and control
  • ‧ Record transferring process automation and Identity validation
  • ‧ Smart contract enablement which means automate agreed rules compliance and processing steps
  • ‧ Secured Document sharing across different entities (ex. Hospital, institutes)

Structured document

Documents with Standardized format

Unstructured documents

PDF files, scanning files and pictures

Hassle-free transfer process

Health record can transfer automatically between hospitals. Once the validation process confirmed by relevance patient and doctors. All procedure proceeds by smart contracts, which is quick and easy.


Reduced paperwork and eliminated human error accordingly

Updated and real-time healthcare record

The leaner validation process – blockchain mechanism allows all user to validate the operating authorities of our personal information

Hassle-free record transfer process


Here shows a process flow of health record transferring from the previous one (hospital A) to the targeted one (hospital B).

  1. The patient shows QR code for hospital B to receive the health records
  2. A smart contract is then generated (ex. Division of cardiology required all related Cardiac examination records the patient on our blockchain platform.)
  3. Request for the diagnostic report and all the related information on the blockchain system.
  4. After all data is collected, the patient will receive a notification to authorize hospital B acquired all information they need
  5. Health record transfer to hospital B automatically through the blockchain system after patient authorization.
  6. All the steps are completed in a real-time validation basis, saving time and cost.