NSECURED HyperChain for Trade Finance


Build the bridge of trust among trading parties

Redefine the process of trade, by introducing our trustworthy HyperChain solution to cleave a path through the jungle of trade finance.

According to JP Morgan’s 2017 trade outlook reveals that there are average 36 original documents required in every transaction needed to be dealt with under current trade finance system, together with 240 copies and 27 entities involved.

We believe that it is now critical for banking system to actively take the initiative to the changes brought by trade ecosystem, proactively innovating instead of sitting on the fence will likely increase market share.

Blockchain Your Business Opportunities

Pain Points:

Remove the obstacle to trade finance

Through people started to trade since ancient time. As the time went by, the trade system has grown more complicatedly than ever before. The operational risk and cost have become the inevitable challenges that enterprises are facing.

NSECURED HyperChain for Trade Finance, a sophisticated designed blockchain, can release your business from crisis of confidence, allocating your resource better which results from higher level of trust among all. Thus, current redundant process in trade finance can be simplified, empowering enterprises to have better business performance as well as creating new business models.


Redefine the logic of trade procedure with partners

Building the trust between the enterprises will result in improved efficiency. The technology can be implemented not only for trade, but also for food safety, logistic and any kinds of document management.

With the NSECURED HyperChain, the trade can be free from geographic limitation, making real-time conversation within trade ecosystem without processing latency. By constructing the foundation of trust, the network of trade can be extended to higher level.

Process Flow Chart


Cost saving and operational risk lowering

Document collection and data integrity can be immediately done because of electronical transaction recorded on HyperChain which definitely eliminate human errors. Furthermore, all the transaction histories and any other recorded data are traceable and monitorable

Higher efficiency and better performance

Real time transaction updating and higher data accuracy betters up resource allocation and save time on auditing and monitoring, driving enterprises to focus on their business operation and development

High TPS and flexibility for business operation

Currently, the structure is able to process 3000 transaction per second. HyperChain is a powerful and scalable platform for any business operating activities

Available to develop new business model

With the power of HyperChain, enterprises are able to explore the opportunities of new business, bring both client and enterprises better result. Meanwhile, mitigated risk and standardized specification also builds up a better environment for diversified business possibility.

Better privacy and information protection

HyperChain platform enables enterprises to clearly define the access right of each participant in designated channels. Together with its immutability, our platform can also secure the information from any suspicious insiders and unauthorized hackers.


What else can we do to leverage HyperChain for Trade Finance

HyperChain is suitable for supply chain, including logistics. With the power of HyperChain, each party will spend less time tracing goods and cash flows. Through deeper mutual-trust among participated supply chains, the resources can be well leveraged by our agile and flexible platform.