Hyperledger Fabric

NSECURED HyperChain Platform utilizes Hyperledger Fabric which is an open source and a decentralized blockchain project under Linux foundation. And it is a consortium blockchain with features being private and permissioned that means all of the users in the ecosystem are identified and recognizable, and only the authorized users are able to enjoy services.

Data Masking

In the digital world, enterprises prioritize data security. The more data the enterprise manages, the higher the chances of enterprises becoming a target of hackers, internal moles and malicious software. The importance of the data security is becoming distinct, driving enterprises to cast investment on data protection. NSECURED fully understands your pain points, and here comes Data Masking solution to strengthen your data security capability.


With the rise of the digital economy, traditional industries undergo massive structural deconstruction. Increased risks of data security results from higher level of threats. Large enterprises and government also encounter relevant and alarming security issues regarding data in motion and at rest.

Big Data Needs Big Security

Data storage and its challenges are developed like a snowball getting bigger and tougher. If you don’t want to fall behind, a highly integrated IT environment and information security technology are essential.
NSECURED features highly customizable, cost effectiveness and , in short, perfect service to assist you to conquer any business challenges.

Highly customizable

To make sure our specific development and integrated solutions are well delivered as well as meeting your business requirements , NSECURED does fully participate in every detailed procedure and accordingly enable agility to your system development.

Cost minimization

For cost-saving , NSECURED provides a very flexible pricing scheme upon your selection and before the contract becomes effective , our professional salespeople and technical consultants will communicate thoroughly with you to customize what fits you the most.

Omni-Directional service

NSECURED is your best partner in data protection. We offer you a wide selection of services, from on-premises to cloud.
To make sure everything runs smoothly , we will assign our professions to assist you comprehensively at different stages.