The conference illustrates the significance of enhancing digital innovation, especially in FinTech and professional measures. Jason Hsieh and Will Hsu from TaiPay Group presented topic on “Information Protection: FinTech Development and Fundamental Infrastructure” and “Open Finance: The New Form of Data Protection Technology and its Applications” respectively.
NCCU’s FinTech Research Center (FTRC) and FinTech Research Institute has been investigating Taiwan’s digital finance and its development over the years, emphasizing the significance of the consumer’s user experience in hopes to utilize advance technology to resolve pain points faced by traditional finance operations and to accelerate the development of digital finance and innovative services to achieve FinTech accessibility throughout the industry.
In order to keep up with the global FinTech development and trend and to assist the transformation of Taiwan’s finance industry, the Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute (MIC) established numerous digitization and innovative finance laboratories with NCCU throughout 2019. Its major themes include digital finance, regulatory compliance, artificial intelligence and digitization.
By upgrading the existing NCCU x MIC Industry Big Data Analytics Center to the new Open Finance Laboratory, the two entities worked rig ether to combine the industry expertise and the academic research resources to provide in depth analysis, networking, and trend analysis on open finance to encourage innovation and enhancement of the finance industry.
NSECURED was invited to attend the Singapore Fintech Festival as part of Taiwan Pavilion in Hall 4 of the Singapore Expo from the 11-13 of November 2019. By engaging in the exhibition of innovative technology and interacting with various parties during the conference, the festival stimulated partnership opportunities with top business partners around the world to provide the best solutions to our clients.
The Hong Kong FinTech Week was held in the AsiaWorld Expo from the 6-7 of November 2019 (Booth B10A). This is one of the biggest and most intriguing international FinTech events in Asia, with participants from China, different parts of Asia and the globe, bringing together countless c-level management, entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors, regulators, and more.
The Blockchain Application Legal Summit Forum gathers together Fintech regulators within the industry and various corporates to discuss and explore the applications of blockchain technology and its legality. The forum hopes to create a regulation-friendly environment for global entrepreneurship development of technology and stimulate its growth in Taiwan through the discussions and result in a new ear of legal-led technology within the field.
The CLOUD EXPO ASIA 2019 is held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre from the 9-10 of October (L1 and B2). The event is vastly recognised amongst B2B enterprise technical events and has gathered together more than 18,000 technical expertise from around the world.
Hosted by the team behind Web Summit, RISE and the Web Summit has rose to become the greatest technology event in Europe over the past 8 years. In the year of 2017c the event attracted more than 70,000 business attendees from more than 170 countries across the globe.
The event gathers around major and essential investors from around the world together exploring opportunities within the technology sector in Asia.
Business Weekly worked alongside AWS to host the CEO Leadership Forum. The forum invited experts and leading companies engaged in business transformation to investigate the success factors and challenges faced by these businesses, in particular regards to the organization structure, operations, human resources allocation, mechanism design, how to utilize different functions of the cloud, how to mazimize the business’ return on cloud investment, and more.
This year, the theme of the conference is “Advance deployment: Master Cybersecurity Defense and Contingency Plans”. The annual event invited professionals from both the industry and the academic field to share and discuss the topic, including Ms Sun from National Communications Commission (NCC), Mr. Lee as the head of cybersecurity from SinoPac Financial Holdings, and cofounder Mr. Chiu of CyCarrier.
E-Security focused on illustrating and consolidating the industry, officials, academics and research sectors of cybersecurity and its relative real-life applications. The forum invited its member, the cybersecurity office of Executive Yuan, to elaborate on cybersecurity regulations, as well as other close business partners and assisting associations across various well-known industries to bring together an comprehensive sharing on the topic of technology and its applications.