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The Internet has changed the way information is delivered, and artificial intelligence has energized computing power to free people from duplication, inefficiency, and heavy workload. The blockchain is based on its distributed, tamper-proof, traceable and other advanced features to build a new trust mechanism which will accelerate the digitalization circulation of production value and change the way of value transmission.

The open-sourced, programmable, and decentralized features of the blockchain will further break the information isolation and expand the boundaries of the networking operation. Moreover, the machine flow engine drives effective collaboration of multi-center and cross-body. And the social resources may realize the intelligent configuration of sharing consensus and sharing governance which brings the infinite possibilities and imagination of the blockchain application prospects.

Renge Blockchain
Food industry
Empowered to digitalize food system, the participants in NSECURED HyperChain network can now trace the amount of food consumed as well as the food preserved more trustworthily.
Renge Blockchain
Global trade
With HyperChain, all participants are able to work on this integrated digital platform, reducing the heavy paper-work and communication barrier among each entity.
Renge Blockchain
Trade finance
NSECURED HyperChain enables trading activities being free from geographic limitation, making real-time conversation within trade ecosystem without processing latency.
Renge Blockchain
Health Information
The real-time authorization and record transferring mechanism improve the efficiency of the diagnosis.
Renge Blockchain
Having the leverage by Renge Blockchain, it has never been easier for data collection and on-chain records to keep integrity and immutability.

First in first, the agility of our platform enables the scalability and flexibility which means that you can construct your own applications on this platform subject to your business operating. This also results in time and cost saving.

Besides, time saving can also be realized since without verification requirement by a central authority, transaction processing can be shortened from days to minutes. Moreover, the cost can be saved by less oversight and duplicate efforts being needed as all participants are known and self-policed and no intermediary is needed with direct item of value exchange.

And more importantly, the applied Hyperledger fabric technology takes the concerns for security and privacy away which protects against tampering, fraud and cybercrime. Moreover, member-only network entitles each participants IDs and specific permissions. And since the permission can be differed, the auditability enhances the transparency which allows entitled specific participants to monitor and audit transactions easily and securely.

And what matters the most to an organization is the operational efficiency. Our platform is able to process at rates of more than thousand transactions per second which results from faster transfer of ownership by pure digitization of assets.