About FIDO Alliance

Our FIDO Solutions have achieved compliance with the FIDO Alliance. The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association with a focused mission, that is, to formulate authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords, achieving interoperability of security policies upon different services or devices. More than hundreds of global tech leaders of enterprises, payment service providers, telecommunications, government and healthcare industries have gathered and given a vigorous boost to FIDO Alliance’s mission.

What is NSECURED FIDO Solution

NSECURED FIDO (Fast Identity Online) solution realize passwordless, preventing the risk of password being leaked and hacked to secure end user’s sensitive data, including personally identifying information (PII)/ primary account number (PAN). NSECURED FID can be used in a variety of applications, such as account login in-app and authentication for payment transactions.

How it Works

FIDO Solution provides a secure and convenient online authentication mechanism to simplify login and authentication procedure with high security level. Users can get rid of memorizing complex passwords with multi-combination. With FIDO solutions, user can log into a mobile application and authenticate using biometrics, including facial recognition and fingerprint.

FIDO Demonstration

FIDO Registration -> Verify Biometric -> Transaction Confirmation -> FIDO Setting

FIDO Architecture

NSECURED offers on-premise service which helps customer to set up FIDO Server, which encapsulates the FIDO features required at the server, such as maintenance of the FIDO login policies and verification of the signatures created on the mobile device. We also provide SDK to connect FIDO-based verification from customer’s mobile application.


Integration of Tokenization Data Security

NSECURED offer both tokenization and biometric technology in ID authentication, transaction confirmation and data security.

High precision

Reaching 99.78% accuracy (LFW testing) and continuing optimizations

Motion detection

With LIVING face detections/recognitions, malicious authentications by photos or videos are prevented.

In-house R&D

Our Independent R&D can help customize the device-integrated authentication mechanism to level up the security levels.

Patented technology

This technology has obtained several patents, including “A fast heart-rate detection method using facial image sequences”, “Intelligent Image-based customer analysis system”, and “An improved facial recognition method based on gender and age estimation”.

PCI-DSS compliance

NSECURED, a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant company helps customer build up PCI-DSS compliance environment.

Who may need it?

Financial Institution


Medical Institution

Mobile Payment Providers



APP Developers


Data Masking