Tokenization is a sophisticated solution that focuses on solving data security issue. The data has now become the treasure of the enterprise. Enterprises can leverage the valuable data to earn more revenue as long as it is securely stored and transmitted. To prevent your precious data asset from leaking and breaching, NSECURED launches the Tokenization Service on AWS for enterprises to have a mature but cost-effective way for data protection

Enterprises can easily integrate the Tokenization Service on AWS to your current infrastructure just by interfacing with our service on AWS without any complex system re-construction. Comparing to on-premises one, Tokenization Service on AWS can help enterprises allocate your resource better, as part of your business planning.

What is Tokenization Service on AWS?

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How it works?

NSECURED Tokenization Service on AWS provide a robust data protection approach to help enterprises reinforce the strategy of data security. Tokenization Service on AWS simply replaces the enterprises’ sensitive data by a random generated token to accomplish de-identification and privacy protection.

To look in detail, our solution integrates the API of Tokenization Service on AWS to with your current infrastructure which allows you to easily and quickly manage and deploy your data protection policy. Our solution is available for any kind of the infrastructural types either building your local IT infrastructure, on private cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Moreover, since we build the Tokenization Service on AWS on-cloud, the service can be easily scaled up and down, by implementing a few adjustments, depending on the enterprises’ requirement. The cloud-based solution breaks the geographical restriction, NSECURED can deploy the infrastructure locally with being regulation compliant, empowering your data security and agility to market.

Illustration – Enterprise Local to cloud

Illustration – Enterprise (Public/Private) Cloud to Cloud


Why Cloud-based Tokenization Service?

· Investment Reduction

By utilizing the cloud-based tokenization service, enterprises can efficiently utilize the resource, which could be allocated better to their own business, on the basis of pay-as-you-go

· Agility & Free of Geographic Limitation

The cloud infrastructure deployment is way easier and quicker on any required fields.

· Compliance to Regulation

In highly regulated industries, such as financial and medical, the data is required to be landed. NSECURED Tokenization Service on AWS can provide the compliancy service by setting up an infrastructure in selected area, in order to build up a compliant system.

· Highly Integrated Solution

NSECURED Tokenization Service on AWS is a product which provides an easily integrated API to the customers, which makes your business less tasking and work to do during system interfacing.
Moreover, Tokenization Service on AWS is applicable to any kind of the infrastructure, such as hybrid, enterprises’ private cloud or infrastructure on local site.

· Data Security

Tokenization technology provides a well-developed and secure way to protect your sensitive and precious data, like PII, PHI and card information. The token doesn’t contain any kind of the real data, therefore, it can’t be returned to real data by any kind of the mathematical computation. Read more in Tokenization pages.


‧ Enterprises or organizations

Data Security

A viable solution to five types of threats – data breaches, data loss, account or service hijacking, insecure interfaces and malicious use of data by insiders

Convenience – Without system reconstruction

Integrated Tokenization Service on AWS easily by connecting the API NSECURED provided, and you are all set


We can easily scale up and down upon your demand

Cost Effectiveness

Differentiating with building your own infrastructure, cloud-based solution provides you an economic and predictable way to reinforce the data security


Tokenization is a robust data protection approach that the token can only be mapped to real data by authorized entities, preventing your loss from data breaching and leaking

Cross-Field Application

Cloud-based tokenization service provides you the ability to integrate all your business in different fields, which protects the sensitive and precious data not being stolen and lost by unauthorized 3rd parties

‧ End customerss

Privacy protection

No worry for data providers when confidential information is tokenized

Why Cloud-based Tokenization Service?

Financial Institutions

Medical Institutions

Retail & E-commerce

IT & Telecommunication

Government & National Defense

Media & Entertainment





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