Data Masking


In the digital world, enterprises prioritize data security. The more data the enterprise manages, the higher the chances of enterprises becoming a target of hackers, internal moles and malicious software. The importance of the data security is becoming distinct, driving enterprises to cast investment on data protection. NSECURED fully understands your pain points, and here comes Data Masking solution to strengthen your data security capability.

What is Data Masking?

Data masking is a robust approach to the security of data, which provides your precious data a sophisticated method to prevent them from being breached and hacked. This technology replaces your sensitive data by de-identification value, which go a different way to encryption. The replaced value is not generated by real data, which means that there is no way to map masked data back to real ones by any unauthenticated mathematical calculating.

What is Data Masking?

Data Masking solution provides your precious data more possibility to be utilized efficiently under NSECURED masking procedure. Our data masking solution enables agility and reasonable customization to achieve the best-fit for your system.

How does it work?

Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI) and Card Holder Data is three most common cases which apply data masking technology. To develop precision marketing and boost your business performance, big data utilization can be realized only when sensitive data being masked which also protects privacy while being regulatory compliant.

Pseudonymization is one of the popular approaches which is empowered by the data masking solution. This approach has been applied broadly, especially in insurance industries and medical institutions.

Here is the reference case in insurance industry for a better understanding.


‧ Enterprises or organizations

Data security

a viable solution to five types of threats – data breaches, data loss, account or service hijacking, insecure interfaces and malicious use of data by insiders

Without system reconstruction

Masked data retains its integrity and structural format

Outsourcing overseas

Data can be shared with authorized people, including developers and testers, without fear of exposing production data

Cost minimization

Cost effective and less complicated than encryption, which also mitigates insider threat

Big data analysis

Can be utilized for developing precision marketing accordingly

Performance improvement

Can be achieved by real case reference through automatic data masking process

‧ End customerss

Privacy protection

No worries for data providers when confidential information is masked.

Access control management

Only the authorized one can read your data, reducing the number of internal moles who misuse your data.

Empower your data

Your personal data can be utilized by third party just by masking your PII

Who may need it?

Financial Institutions

Medical Institutions

Retail & E-commerce

IT & Telecommunication

Government & National Defense

Media & Entertainment