Facial Recognition


Facial recognition has become the most popular technology in recent years which is being widely used. Some people even think that the development of facial recognition will be a key to changing the way we live. Recently, not only technology companies have paid attention to this piece, but also the developments of enterprises and government units in the fields of finance, retail, medical care, security, etc. are now well prepared with reference cases using facial recognition to identify identity, simplify manpower, collect data and provide various services. Moreover, there are also scenes that can be used for care and crime detection.

According to MarketsandMarkets report, the global market for facial recognition will grow from $4.05 billion in 2017 to $7.76 billion in 2022. It also reveals the business opportunities which will drive the accelerated growth of related applications. Although this may only be the output value of facial recognition software and hardware development, the relevant business opportunities may not just stop there.

What is NSECURED Facial Recognition?

NSECURED provides a cutting-edge tool, Facial recognition, which can collect and analyze Big Data related to customer behavior in real time as well as identifying the malicious person in the crowd to enhance on-site security.


  • By employing AI Deep Learning, the stability and identification rate will be increased dramatically
  • The identification and whitelist comparison procedure is executed by automatic image acquisition and quick searching among collected facial information.
  • Modularizing API interface saves development time and efforts.
  • We also centralize the recognition engine on the server so that our client can use the economical front-end devices to save the cost of system construction

Core Technology

  • This solution supports various input devices in the major platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Android.
  • By employing strict regulations and thoughtful privacy control, we ensure that the collected personal information is secured in each layer of the system.
  • The solution achieves 99.6% accuracy in the LFW (labeled face in Wild) benchmark test.
  • By employing this tool, business owners can tackle the most complicated problems easily – just like snapping your fingers.

How does it work?

Facial recognition solution would automatically detect, register, and categorize customers. Thus, the system can generate plenty of information tables as the greatest resource to the data analysts who can analyze human behaviors.

The below tables demonstrate the possible format of the collected data:


‧ Enterprises or organizations

Improve security control level

Security analysis and abnormal behavior detection are employed, which also eliminate false ID and other certificates and guarantee the uniqueness of personal identity

Enable big data analysis

Besides human behavior analysis and precision marketing, white and Blacklist are executed, combining crime analysis to automatically detect who should be in the list.

‧ End customerss

Free your hands

Multitasking while avoiding virus and bacteria

Bring no key or ID badge

Preventing misuse of your ID badge or key from misplacing or being stolen

Realize Passwordless

Password-free when accessing sites or buildings.

Who may need it?

Aviation Industry


Educational Institutions

Financial Institutions

Medical Institutions


IT & Telecommunication

Government & National Defense



Smart City