GDPR Consultant


GDPR represents one of the greatest regulatory changes in how personal data is processed and stored. Its reach and potential enforcement are significant as it covers any EU citizen’s personal data, wherever it is processed, making it in effect globally.

To support businesses through a potentially dramatic change to their business processes and infrastructures, NScecured has designed a series of services that provide the insight and guidance needed to ensure ongoing observance of obligations.

What NSECURED consultancy cover?

Free on-site consultation

Preliminary data protection assessment of your organization is provided

On-site GDPR Training Course

On-site GDPR Training Courses are provided, focusing on the general practical applications of the relevant articles of GDPR to the general policy and procedures in processing the data by the organizations, which include the following fields:

  • Introduction
  • Retention
  • Processing Activity Record
  • Contracts
  • Policy
  • Training
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Breach Management
  • Consent
  • Review and 3rd Party Reviews
  • Privacy Notice
  • Wrap-up and Review

NSECURED post GDPR Application

NSECURED post GDPR solution facilitate our client to comply with the controller’s responsibilities to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure personal data under Article 32(1) of GDPR and to maintain a record of all processing activities, covering specifically mentioned information on the processing under Article 30; it minimizes the risks of an incident during data processing, storage and transfer and in the event of cyber-attacks or the abuse within a company (as access is limited only to authorized person with the right “key”)

Our unique technology will be applied to the common file types containing personal data including but not limited to:


HR Data

Marketing Lists

Payroll Data


GDPR Post GDPR consultancy