Want to boost your revenue? The Membership Economy is getting wild!with More and more corporations eyeing on membership, loyalty program and credit card binding service are the must-do to maintain good relationship with members. Why?

Imagine the urgency of time when your members are bidding their favorite products. If they can complete payment with fingertips, how can they live without your membership platform? With a great membership platform, your members can pay regular service fees fast, securely and conveniently, in the fields of telecom, insurance and any subscription economy.

According to some statistics, members usually spend 1.65 to 3.25 times higher than non-members do. And some enterprises gain 50% profits from members. Moreover, the cost to get a new client is 7 times higher than original member spending. That’s why membership retention can be so important to help you raise the conversion rate and make long-term profits.

What is NSECURED MemberGo?

NSECURED MemberGo allows your members binding memberships with several payment cards, building up the credit card management platform with our innovated Tokenization technology, which is granted with the PCI-DSS certification. Besides payment, we do develop membership reward collection, conversion and redemption as well. What’s more, NSECURED allows your member’s valuable data to stay on your side, getting rid of selecting acquirer banks with different service charges.

How does it work?

For business that stores your members’ data for better customer relationship and marketing or/and provides the card payment service, NSECURED is your best-fit to provide the GDPR & PCI-DSS compliance environment with multiple payment modules that works on e-commerce, convenience store, department store, hypermarket, vendor, food court, etc.


‧ We provide two types of MemberGo services for our client, cloud and on-premises. Client can base on the requirement to select the service fits the need.

No hardware requirement

Simple API connection without rebuilding your system

Time saving

Saving your time-to-market with spending a lot of time acquiring PCIDSS and system rebuilding

Better customer experience provided

No 3rd party payment system, payment completed in the original page without redirecting to third-party payment page.

PCI-DSS certified environment

Manage member’s sensitive payment data without acquiring the PCI-DSS certification.

Multiple payment gateway interfacing

Applying for multiple payment gateway: card binding payment, non-binding payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

Cost Minimization

Getting rid of selecting acquirer banks with comparatively high service charge. Ex: Enterprise annual revenue x %(revenue from credit card) x [% (original service charge) – %(new service charge)]= cost down.

Who may need it?

Financial Institutions


Department Store



Medical Institutions