Tokenization Data Security


With the rise of the digital economy, traditional industries undergo massive structural deconstruction. Increased risks of data security results from higher level of threats. Large enterprises and government also encounter relevant and alarming security issues regarding data in motion and at rest.

In order to effectively resolve the issues, NSECURED offers its partners with the provision of technical platforms and the import of service interface via tokenization technology. This aims to enhance the fundamental data security ecosystem as well as encryption techniques, preventing data from being hacked and breached, which may definitely level up the overall industrial data security.

What is NSECURED Tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of replacing a confidential and sensitive data (PAN, PII and etc.) element with a non-sensitive surrogate equivalent, referred to as a de-identified token when applied to data security. Unlike encrypted data, tokens by themselves are worthless and the original real data cannot be extracted from them.

How does it work?


‧ Enterprises or organizations

Reduce the risk of data being hacked and leaked

By removing all sensitive data from systems and applications, the only thing stored on your system is a string of alphanumeric data, which is useless to hackers and internal moles.

PCI Scope Elimination

Using tokens instead of real cardholder data (even encrypted card data) reduces the PCI scope and eliminates the threat of a massive attack. This not only makes the system less attractive to attackers, but it also helps protect user data in case of a breach. Along with a reduction in PCI DSS scope reduction, this translates into a greatly reduced need for costly PCI audit annually and other security requirements associated with storing actual card data on the said systems and applications.

Significant Time Savings and Cost Reductions

Tokenization technology also simplified the transfer path of real data (which only between the token vault and necessary organizations). Moreover, Being not PCI DSS-compliant can be costly and insecure, possibly resulting in fines for data leaks and lawsuits by customers. The reduction of PCI DSS scope by using our tokenization service can shorten time-to-market and save money on PCI DSS compliance.

Who may need it?

HR Company

Financial Institutions

Educational Institutions

Medical Institutions

Governmental Institutions


Deployment Mode

NSECURED offers 3 deployment modes for you to select. If there is any concern about this, our professions will suggest you the best fit for your system after requirement interview. Here are the perspectives that you may take into account.

Predictable cost with lower entry barrier – On a subscription basis, Costs are significantly cheaper without one-time installment and IT personnel. You don’t need to worry about the additional investment on hardware and any upgrades which are on us. NSECURED offers 3 deployment modes for you to select. If there is any concern about this, our professions will suggest you the best fit for your system after requirement interview. Here are the perspectives that you may take into account.

Time saving – Data Security API is a ready-to-work solution without a long rollout time, which shortens the time to market. Moreover, continuous updates brought by us keep this API the latest version and compatible with new release which eliminates unexpected downtime.

Security risk outsourcing – NSECURED, who takes in charge of your data protection, has an experienced and professional IT team, supporting API back-end maintenance and software upgrade.

Customization – NSECURED on-premise token vault allows you to develop your own software so that you can take everything in control.

Data on-site – if your organization is highly regulated with enormous confidential information within, it is better to process and store them on premise to allay security concern. Our professions will help you construct Tokenization infrastructure, assisting you with further API development on request.

Priority Management – the implementation and resource allocation are fully monitored by you. You can decide when to start to deploy and what departments to execute. Moreover, you can fully manage your time of this project without any possible delay when communicating with 3rd party.

We also offer GDPR consultancy service to keep you out of paying fine.
There will be two levels of fines based on the GDPR.

Level 1
Up to €10 million EUR, or 2 % of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is higher.

Level 2
Up to €20 million, or 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the previous financial year, whichever is higher.

GDPR requires organizations or companies and other groups who are processing personal data of European Union citizens to keep that data secured, and it levies big penalties to organizations that fail to comply.

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NSECURED Tokenization Service on AWS is one of the deployment modes of our tokenization solution.

You can easily integrate your infrastructure by simply interfacing with our service on AWS without any complex system re-construction. Comparing to on-premises Tokenization, Tokenization Service on AWS can help allocate your resource better, as part of your business planning.

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